Delete Preview Deployments

It is not possible to delete a production deployment. Please apply a new update with a new code change for the production branch instead. There are two ways to delete a preview deployment:

1. Manual Deployment Deletion

A preview deployment can always be deleted with the push of a button. This button says Delete Deployment and is shown for the 3-Deploy stage when a deployment succeeded.

Delete Deployment button

When the deletion finished, a pull request comment is made in the ‘Conversation’ tab that shows the deletion for the corresponding commit.

pull request comments for preview deployment status updates

The deployment could be rerun with the optional manual deployment trigger. However, this would not change anything since the deployment is always made from the underlying commit.

2. Purge Preview Deployments Option

You need to enable the pullRequest.onClose.purgePreviewDeployments option in the deploy.yaml configuration file. (See the article Default Pipeline for the pipeline options.) If this option is enabled, every preview deployment for the specific pull request is deleted, when it is getting closed through a merge or the button ‘close pull request’.