Configuration Files

The directory helmsman-config contains value files for the anya installation. The setup.toml file is referencing these files with the valuesFile option, to configure the helm deployments with custom values.

Please copy the files from the template directory in here and remove the template keyword from the file name for matching the required name.

Configure anya

- project: "GitHub-Account/my-app" # Name of the project, in the form "user/project"
    repository: "" # Domain/Org/Project
    cloneURL: ""
    sharedSecret: "superSecret" # Create this for the GitHub App
      token: "1234superSecret5678" # GitHub App > OAuth credentials > Client secret
    initGitSubmodules: "false"  # submodules should be checked out
      GH_APP_NAME: "my-anya-ci" # name of the GitHub App for anya
      DOCKER_REPO: my-organisation # organisation
      DOCKER_USER: my-username
      DOCKER_PASS: "superSecret"
      PREV_HOST: ""  # for preview deployments
      PREV_TLS: "anya-tls" # name of the TLS certificate for PREV_HOST
      PROD_HOST: # root domain of the application in production
      PROD_PATH: "/"  # endpoint/path of your application in production
      PROD_TLS: "prod-tls"  # name of the TLS certificate for PROD_HOST
      PROD_BRANCH: master # branch name for production deployments
    sshKey: ""  # to pull from private repositories

Secure your configurations

Naturally, your custom configurations are vulnerabilities and need to be stored securely.

Consider these 2 options:

For encryption is SOPS recommended, it can be used for all .yaml files.